The most modern schools of thought ascribe the ultimate expression of order, to chaos. Others maintain, that in  truth  chaos does not exist in art, and therefore, neither does order. Without doubt, beauty does exist, in the purest sense of it’s meaning. There exists that something  which strikes you, elevating it above things,  which the habitually registers in an age oversaturated with visual input;  that something which truly  leaves it’s mark.

This path  deviates from that photographic vision which separates the aesthetic from the anti-aesthetic, the clear-cut from the ill-defined,  saturated from  bleached, old from new, the commercial from the editorial. The media teaches us that barriers have finally gone out of fashion.

The project stems from a consciousness formed in the period between a raw analogical approach, and the evolution of the same, into the nascent aesthetic – digital. It’s not by chance, that the images in this project appear not to adhere to  a time & space connotation, so avoiding  by consequence being trapped in  a single, orbeit fantastical, timeline. By virtue of it’s  vision, on occasions left-field and on others crystal clear, DISCLOSURE stands up a as something tangible and real, using to it’s advantage elements both  artificial and non. This project seeks out the best light for the best subject, the best colour grading for the best colour matching, the best shot for the best message. And with the utmost respect for the authenticity and the truth which DISCLOSURE manifests, the work focuses on that tell-tale moment  when the beep of the flash says  you’re ready to shoot again, and the expression of the models says she’s ready for  immortalisation: that moment of the tell-tale click.

The organic nature of the elements is elegantly enhanced without altering the colours, without any artificiality, with the sole mission of valorizing that single moment to render it eternal, whilst still remaining faithful to the reality of things. The tumultuous creative process, born out of the analog digital double identity, results in a kind of tribute to beauty, not intended in  a strictly aethetic sense. DISCLOSURE is  an explosion of inspiration, of ideas, spontenaeity and passion. The mix of this chaos and  the expression of it’s vision and creativity, has brought this project to light, adding it’s unique voice to the important and historical moment that the fashion industry is traversing, redefining the benchmarks for beauty  in  modernised and less glossy hues and tones, revealing paradoxically through photography that beauty not only as an aesthetic, freeing it of the stale pastiche, dogmas and codes which have up to now created it’s own  limitations.

DISCLOSURE disrupts this era of change and revelation, an  historical period in which the boundaries of fashion are being redesigned, beauty and style are finding new horizons. At a  time of change and revelation in the fashion industry, photography like  other arts, cannot be anything other than aligned with the times.